What happens when I have an accident?

    Contact us first, we can advise the best course of action and can usually deal with the insurance if the accident is not your fault. If the terms of your insurance cover you for a courtesy car we will bring this to you when we collect your vehicle. If your vehicle is not driveable we can usually recover it within 48 hours.

    Once we have your vehicle on site an estimate is done and sent via Internet, fax or phone call on the same day. We would normally expect to receive a reply either authorising repairs, or deeming the vehicle a total loss, within 48 hours.

    Once the repairs are completed we will contact you to arrange the return of your vehicle. Any excess payment required will be collected at this time, although we currently offer £50 off your excess, which means you keep more money in your pocket.

    If your vehicle is deemed a total loss we would not be required to supply a courtesy car. Often if your car is still drivable we can do a mobile estimate so you can continue to use your car whilst this process is being undertaken. Your insurance company will then contact you direct.

    Is your work guaranteed?

    All of our work is guaranteed for three years.

    How long will the repairs take?

    This depends on the extent of the damage sustained but we will usually be able to give a good estimate once the vehicle has been estimated.

    What can delay repairs?

    The most common delay is waiting for parts for specialist or rare vehicles. Also it is possible for additional damage to be uncovered once we have stripped your car but you will be notified immediately if we feel there will be a significant difference to the original estimate.

    What do I have to pay for?

    You have to pay:
    Excess payment - this is an amount you agreed when you took out your insurance policy. We currently offer to refund £50 off your excess!!!
    The VAT element if you are VAT registered.
    Any charges under the Road Traffic Act, e.g. fines, parking tickets relating to the courtesy car whilst it is in your possession.
    Damage to the courtesy car if applicable.
    Any additional private work requested.

    What if the insurance company doesn't approve all repairs?

    We can only repair damage relating to the accident for which you have made your claim. Any other damage would not be covered. If you have a dispute regarding what is related to the accident you will need to discuss this with your insurance company.

    When do you collect or deliver?

    We can usually give a one hour time slot and will try to fit this around your availability. However this is only an estimate and we will try to keep you updated if there is a problem.

    Is there a charge for the courtesy car?

    There are no charges for the courtesy car as this is only provided with authority from your insurance company.

    Who can drive the courtesy car?

    Anyone covered by your own policy can drive the courtesy car as it is covered on your policy while your car is in for repair.

    Can I have a like for like vehicle?

    Most policies provide for a class A courtesy car only. If you are involved in a non-fault accident it may be possible to request a like for like vehicle from the liable parties insurers. You would need to discuss this with your insurance company.